White Fillings and Composite Bonding

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What is a white filling?

A white or tooth-coloured filling is a modern resin composite used to restore cavities and fractures in teeth.

Surprisingly still widely utilised in the UK today by most dentists, mercury amalgam fillings have been used for well over 150 years! Here at The Waterside Dental Clinic, we routinely use the latest tooth-coloured filling materials.

The tooth-coloured material actually adheres and bonds to the teeth, it helps to prevent fractures and holds teeth together better than the mercury fillings ever did.

White fillings require much less tooth preparation, which means less removal of healthy enamel and dentine to lock them in to the tooth.

Are white fillings for me?

The fillings that we provide are beautifully sculpted to look like teeth, and not fillings. The process is simple and stunning.

You want to have a clean, healthy look to your teeth and not show grey/ black mercury amalgam fillings when you smile. In addition, you may have concerns about the use of a toxic metal (mercury) placed in your mouth.

Usually performed in just one appointment, why not transform an aged smile into a clean, healthy youthful look.


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