Travelling with Invisalign® – Our Top Tips

Going on holiday, whether it’s for a long weekend or two weeks in the sun is exciting. For many, travelling means embracing new cultures, new tasty cuisines and creating unforgettable memories. 

But what happens when your travel companion isn’t just your passport, but also your Invisalign® aligners? 

In our latest blog, we discuss some practical tips and advice when travelling with your Invisalign® aligners and how you can make the most of your holiday while keeping up with your orthodontic treatment.

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Embracing the Journey

Travelling with Invisalign® might seem daunting at first, but with a little preparation and some handy tips, you can seamlessly incorporate your aligners into your travel plans. The beauty of Invisalign® lies in its discreteness and flexibility, allowing you to continue your treatment while exploring new destinations.

Packing Essentials

When packing for your trip, don’t forget to include your Invisalign® essentials. Here’s a checklist to ensure you’re well-prepared:

  1. Travel Case: Invest in a sturdy travel case to keep your aligners safe and clean while on the go. As a bonus, all Invisalign® kits supplied by The Waterside Dental Clinic come with sturdy travel cases.
  2. Cleaning Supplies: Pack a small brush and some toothpaste for quick cleaning whenever you need it. We also recommend soaking in Retainer Brite® (we can help you with supplies of this) which is a fantastic way of keeping your aligners super-clean.
  3. Extra Aligners: Bring along extra sets of aligners in case of emergencies or unexpected delays. Speak to your dentist about this if you’re unsure, but it may be worthwhile taking your previous set of aligners as a fall back in case your current ones go missing.
  4. Chewing Tools: ‘Chewies’ can be helpful, especially if you’re changing aligners while away from home. These can help with any discomfort and ensure your aligners are secure in your mouth.

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Adapting to Different Time Zones

Travelling across time zones may disrupt your Invisalign® routine, but it doesn’t have to derail your progress. Here are a few tips to help you adjust:

  • Set Reminders: Use your phone or watch alarms to remind you when it’s time to change your aligners.
  • Stay Flexible: If your travel schedule affects your usual wear time, aim to wear your aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours per day and adjust as needed.
  • Plan Ahead: Try to anticipate any changes in your schedule and plan your aligner changes accordingly.

Navigating Food and Dining

One of the highlights of travelling is indulging in delicious local cuisine. While wearing Invisalign®, you can still enjoy a variety of foods, but it’s important to be a little mindful of what you eat and how you care for your aligners:

  • Avoid Staining Foods: Steer clear of highly pigmented foods and drinks that may stain your aligners, such as coffee, red wine, or curry. Or if you do eat something that may cause staining, make sure you thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before putting your aligners back in.
  • Brush After Meals: Carry a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth and aligners after meals or snacks.
  • Rinse your Mouth: If you’re unable to clean your teeth after eating or drinking something, give your mouth a good rinse with some water before placing your aligners back in. Just don’t forget to give your teeth a brush as soon as possible. 

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Embracing the Experience

Travelling with Invisalign® may require a bit of extra planning, but it shouldn’t hinder your holiday experience. Embrace the journey, enjoy every moment and don’t let your orthodontic treatments hold you back from making the most of your holiday and travelling experience.

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