Oral Health Maintenance


Oral health maintenance mainly relates to the daily care and periodic professional treatment of your teeth and gums.

Your teeth and gums are given a tough job to do! They are used for eating, talking and for smiling.

General dentistry is a very important aspect of your oral health.  In order to maintain your oral health, The Waterside Dental Clinic can provide you with all general dentistry so that your teeth and gums are in the best shape possible.

From check-ups to tooth extractions, or fillings to cleanings, you can be assured that we are here to help.

Comprehensive evaluations with our '10,000-smile service' are the best way to prevent more serious dental and oral health problems.

By having The Waterside Dental Clinic check on the health of your teeth routinely, we can help prevent cavities, gum disease, toothache and other serious dental problems.

In addition, we routinely check for signs of mouth cancer (see below), a very serious condition that if caught at early-stage is very treatable; at mid-stage presentation it can be very disfiguring and if only discovered at late-stage can be fatal.


As a patient of The Waterside Dental Clinic, our first priority at a hygiene appointment is to give you clear and simple instructions, specifically tailored to you, on what you can do at home to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

However, even with the best routine at home, most people need some professional help from time to time as hard tartar and plaque attaches itself to the teeth and to the gums and cannot be removed by ordinary brushing.

To treat you successfully, we use powerful but painless and efficient ultrasonic scalers to remove the plaque and tartar, and hand scalers to remove any fine debris.

We also use rotating polishers and dental air polishers to give your teeth that added sparkle.


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